The Perfect Peach Body Waxing Studio was founded in 2012 by Shelly Singleton. Shelly is native to Amarillo and her family has owned business in the Texas Panadle for decades. She started her career as an Esthetician at 22 and moved to Austin TX.  Shelly was fortunate enough to work under European Estheticians and learn skincare techniques descending from Helena Rubinstein her self.

Miss Singleton fell in love with waxing and went on to work for a national chain that was expanding through Texas where she mastered hard waxing techniques.

After Leaving the Austin area, Shelly moved to Dallas TX where she worked for another growing chain of waxing studios. After being away for almost ten years she decided to return home to the Panhandle and follow in her families footsteps as an entrepreneur.

The Perfect Peach Body Waxing Studio started in a small 300sf office and with the help of loyal clients grew into the thriving business it is today.  

My goal was to bring my years of experience back to the Amarillo community and to offer a service that is usually painful in a less painful manner.

We use a style of wax and technique that is very different from traditional waxing. It is less painful and when used correctly the results last longer than other removal methods. It also is less damaging to the skin, which is a win. 


Our Team

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